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Brand-Driven Business Strategy

Before you build anything, anywhere, it’s important to determine your brand story and how you intend to connect with your guests and your own team.  Your story should drive every part of your business strategy.

Pure North excels at uncovering the true and authentic heart of your business and bringing this story to life through your operations, your physical facility, your service, your people and your marketing.   We call it 360° Brand Story™  Building and we show you how to build your business by building your brand. 

Whether you are seeking our assistance to plan your ecotourism venture, considering Pure North as you management company or operating partner, or even joining our new Pure North Collection membership, our team can help with the foundational strategy needed for successful lodging development and operations.

We provide:

  • Formal Market + Feasibility Study Interpretation
  • Preliminary Ecolodge/Camp/Resort Design + Operating Strategy
  • Pure North Brand Compass™ + 360°Brand Story™  Building + Market Positioning
  • Business Planning + Financial Projections

We provide master planning, formal market research, feasibility studies and/or interpretation of existing studies to direct appropriate and optimum product development for identified markets.

We write comprehensive business plans to secure funding and financing and determine budget parameters for the project.

We collaborate with you on the preliminary design product, operations and service delivery systems for transportation, logistics, accommodation, food and beverage, retail arts and crafts, performing arts programming and all guest experiences.

We define the human resource roles and specific training requirements for your product or service.   

We partner with our affiliate Cascadia Marketing on Pure North Brand Compass™ work and conduct our 360° Brand Story™ Building process to establish market positioning and further support the direction of product and operations design and guest experience delivery, pricing and packaging and financial planning.

And finally, at this stage we provide formal business plan development and writing for individual and community enterprises, including grant writing and supporting documentation for funding applications, private equity and debt financing.


A Pure North brand driven business strategy will set you successfully on the road to economic, cultural and environmental sustainability. 

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