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Implementing a New Course - Step Three

When you’re ready to implement the achievable new course Pure North has collaborated with you to establish, we’ll be here every step of the way to see it through.

We provide hands-on implementation, training and mentoring for:

  • Existing Product Adjustment
  • New Product Launch
  • New Operating System Implementation
  • Introduction of Sustainability Standards
  • Sales & Marketing Implementation
  • Training and Mentoring
  • Financial Management + Tracking

Following the outcome of the Pure North Brand Compass™ and the 360 Brand Story Building™ process, we adjust existing product, operations and services, including physical facility changes, to carry the new brand story. This is a
prioritized, hands-on, on-site process during which we spend time with you and your staff, physically implementing all of the changes required for your turnaround.

We re-work your existing Marketing and Communications Plan or create a new one tailored to the brand story of your business, including website, internet marketing, social media platform, print collateral and other materials to optimize your business performance.

We implement specific, targeted training training to ensure new brand story is supported and maximized.

We design specific, targeted training to support the new product, operations and services through hands-on, on-site workshops, role-shadowing, coaching and on-going mentoring.

We provide regular, on-going financial management and tracking to ensure goals are being met.


At Pure North, we say it takes a willing and able operator to succeed.  If you’re willing, we’ll ensure you’re able!  Our committed clients experience a variety of positive results depending on their commitment to change.  You can anticipate some exciting economic improvements through higher occupancy, higher average rates, increased revenues and net income, more efficient operations and increased market awareness; the cultural changes in your business will range from increased guest satisfaction, greater team productivity and cultural pride; and the earth will thank you for your new efforts towards environmental sustainability.

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