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Site Evaluation + Opportunity Analysis

Do you have a location in mind where you are thinking about developing a lodge, camp or other accommodation business?  Are you wondering about the viability of your idea and location?

Pure North specializes in providing you with comprehensive information on the three key criteria in making your decision to move ahead on your project:

  • Site Evaluation + Inventory
  • Opportunity Analysis + Preliminary Market Positioning Recommendations
  • Basic Business Plan Development + Return on Investment Potential

We also lead you through an exploration of personal, economic, cultural and environmental sustainability goals and set achievable objectives for reaching them on your own terms and with consideration for the financial and human resource capacity available to you.

We conduct, document and prioritize the inventory of transportation, infrastructure, human resource experience and marketable cultural and natural assets in terms of differentiating attributes in and around your location to determine strength of the destination and depth of the market for your property.

We apply basic market data and intelligence about your potential marketplace, competitive set and your target market to facilitate the accommodations product design and development.

At this stage, we deliver a basic business plan outline to be validated
by formal market research and feasibility stud for exploration of the concept with future partners, funding agencies, private equity, debt financing and/or community consultation.

We draft preliminary financial pro-formas to indicate potential return on investment to facilitate your decision to proceed or inform an adjustment of your goals and product idea.


At the end of the site evaluation and opportunity analysis, you will have sufficient information to understand the potential for your business and the necessary components required for success.  You will also be ready to choose between independent development, joining the Pure North Collection membership and/or the potential of collaboration with Pure North as your development and operating partner.

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