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Extraordinary Accommodation in Canada's Legendary Wilderness
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Trade Membership Benefits + Services

The Pure North Collection trade membership provides you with the building blocks for growing your business with economic, cultural and environmental sustainability.  Think of belonging to The Pure North Collection as having ecotourism, marketing, management and operations experts ‘on tap’ to assist you with any challenge, any time.

We have set up the membership to deliver a series of services each year, beginning in the most important one:  your Foundational Membership year.  Among the many services included in your Foundational Year, your membership will provide you with an evaluation and opportunity analysis of your business to establish the best strategy for your property, and a Pure North Brand Compass™ to uncover and articulate your unique brand story that becomes your guide for all subsequent branding, marketing, product development and service delivery.

It doesn’t matter if you are just beginning your business or have been operating for several years.  We identify where your business is and where it can go from here.  Based on the work we do with you in your Foundational Year, you can expect your business to start showing significant improvements in occupancy, guest satisfaction, market awareness, revenue growth and increased profits.

Belonging to The Pure North Collection means you have access to the best tourism resources available in Canada.  We go beyond marketing to work with you on all aspects of your operations, physical plant, human resources and management.  Being a member of The Pure North Collection is as transformational for your business as it will be for your guests. 

Most importantly, belonging to Pure North means you share in the belief that our membership will raise the bar for Canadian wilderness travel and accommodation.  It means you also share our commitment to Canadian tourism and hospitality excellence.  Belonging to The Pure North Collection means you aspire to be the best.

That said, membership in The Pure North Collection must work for you! If you do not see the benefits to your business after your Foundational Year, there is no obligation to continue. 



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